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Choosing The Right Guardian

Many couples simply cannot agree on the best guardian for their children in their estate plan. THis stalemate causes many parents of  minor children to give up on the estate planning process and to drop-out of preparing a Will and Estate Plan.

First, you and your spouse do not have to agree. You can each name a different guardian in your Will. Although this is not ideal, it is better than not having any  plan for the care of your children.

What Makes a good Guardian? 

The best choices are people well known to your children and with whom theyh will be comfortable. Among the characteristics to consider:

  • Age - will the guardians be too old when your children are teenagers?
  • Similar values and lifestyle.  Are the parenting styles compatable?
  • Flexibility.. Can the guardians effectively include your children into thier family? 
  • Good sense of responsibility. Are the guardians mature enough to provide the guidance to your children?
  • Good health. Are the guardians healthy and vigourous enough to raise your children?
  • Economically stable. Will the guardians provide a reasonable and economically stable home for your children?
  • . Likes children and has a nurturing personality.