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Power of Attorney - a Valuable Planning Tool

Powers of Attorney - a long history

"Powers of attorney have been used for thousands of years. Perhaps the first documented power of attorney dates from 561 B.C. in Mesopotamia. This one-paragraph document was between two brothers, empowering one to act on the other's behalf with respect to the business property left to them by their father" Washington Post  - October, 2, 2010


Durable Power of Attorney

Powers of Attorney - Financial Security during Incapacity

Incapacitation is a possibility for people as they grow older. A durable power of attorney assigned to a trustworthy and responsible individual can help alleviate worries that health problems will prevent you from handling financial matters at some point in the future. Unfortunately, incapacitation can happen to anyone at any time. Details of  Power of Attorney


Durable Power of Attorney - How durable?

A durable power of attorney generally ends upon your death. That means the designated agent will not be allowed to wrap up your affairs after death unless you appoint him or her to be the executor in your will. Power of Attorney