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Legacy Planning for Mid-Sized Estates

What is Legacy Planning? 

If your estate is $10 million or less estate planning should be redefined and take on the broader characteristics of legacy planning. As your Tax and Estate Attorney, your Estate and Financial Planning will have an increase emphasis on the following:

* Business succession planning;

* Non-qualified executive compensation;

* Estate equalization;

* Asset repositioning strategies;

* Retiring debt;

* Life insurance in a qualified retirement plan;

* Insurance-based, non-qualified retirement plans; and,

* Asset protection strategies.

The current recession and downturn in the markets, coupled with the current low-interest-rate environment, allows individuals to transfer wealth at exceptionally low values.  We may look back on this period as a historic opportunity for the transfer of wealth, which is unlikely to be seen again in our lifetime.

The combination  of low interest rates and  reduced asset values makes many opportunities available that were formerly to expensive.    June, 2009